Smiles – i heart faces – week 17

I am fairly new to contributing to the I heart faces weekly photo challenge but I just couldn’t pass up this weeks Challenge….Smiles. Just seeing all the pictures of all the smiling faces puts a smile on your face and WOW what a blessing that can be!! This photo I am posting is one of my favorites of my DS. I took this as he was having “tummy time”, and as we are celebrating his 4th Birthday this week it’s so sweet to look back on this big grin that he had back then. It hasn’t changed much today, he’s just added a bunch of teeth…LOL.

If you’d like to see some more smiling faces check out all the entries at I heart faces below

Thanks for stopping by…..Until next time….


3 responses to “Smiles – i heart faces – week 17

  1. It’s always fun to look back. He’s very adorable and has a nice big smile! Great photo!

  2. So cute!Lovely smile!

  3. That is a big grin! I love it!

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