Rough Night

We had a bit of a rough night last night. Kids went to bed late because we were at church for Wednesday night Bible Study, and the kids always LOVE Wednesday nights also because they get to have their own church time. Jordan gets to go to childrens church which she absolutely LOVES, and Alex gets to spend time with 2 of his most favorite Nursery workers Mrs. Kelly and Mr. John. So back to my original story, we were late getting the kids to bed by almost 2 hours so once they were in bed it was only a matter of minutes before they were both sacked out. I was a little worried about Alex because he complained about having a headache before going to bed so I had been checking in on him often until I was ready to go to bed. On my way to bed the normal ritual is to take Alex to the bathroom one last time so there are no accidents and we are good until morning. He was still complaining of a headache and asked to lay down in my bed so I let him just for a little while until I realized he wasn’t going to sleep. At that point I put him back in his own bed where he rolled over and went to sleep. Somewhere around 2am I hear a blood curdling scream that brings me sitting bolt upright in bed. This is promptly followed by the crying…..uh oh, I’m thinking……something isn’t right. Next thing I know Alex is opening my door telling me he hit his head. Here I am at 2am trying to wrap my head around what he’s just said, so I ask where to which he promptly points to his chin. Now I’m really confused so I ask how to which he says…..”I fell”. The picture is now becoming clear… boy has had his first incident of falling out of bed while sleeping. The only catch….he caught his chin on the base of his bed. At first I thought he just had a red mark from hitting the wood, but no when we woke up this morning I was confronted with this wonderful site…..

Turns out as he fell out he dragged his chin down the wood. What a great thing to present to your Mom going into the weekend that we celebrate your 4th Birthday!! Oh well, it will be a memorable one now won’t it!! We are now putting antibiotic ointment on it every couple of hours to try and keep the swelling and scabs down and hopefully help the healing along. One of the worst places to try and keep clean on a boy that loves to eat…..the messy way!!

Thanks for stopping by…. Until next time….


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