Celebrating Mom – i heart faces week 19

A few weeks ago when I made my last i heart faces post I browsed the themes for the upcoming weeks and when I saw that this week was about Celebrating Mom I knew which picture I had to post. This picture is from way, way back for me but has the most meaning for me in Celebrating my own mother. Many of the people who already know me know that I lost my mother in early 2003 to colon cancer. It was a devistating loss to me and the rest of my family. My Mom battled hard against it for almost 4 years, she put up an amazing fight. So the picture I give you Celebrating my Mom is the very LAST picture I have of my Mom. It was taken in September of 2002 just after I had my daughter and as we learned that my Mom was losing her battle. You can tell in the picture she is loosing her hair from the last rounds of chemo and that her skin is yellow and her skin and frame frail, yet her eyes sparkle with the LOVE of the ages as she holds my daughter, her grand-daughter. She was so weak she could only hold my daughter for minutes at a time, but every time she asked we passed her to my Mom. I think she could see the heavens in my daughters eyes, and I know that my daughter and my Mom will forever be connected. I hope you enjoy my picture Celebrating my Mom….

And if you want to check out other pictures Celebrating Mom click the i heart faces icon below…..

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4 responses to “Celebrating Mom – i heart faces week 19

  1. I’m so glad you got that shot, both for you and for your daughter. Even though she didn’t get the chance to get to know your mom, at least she can SEE the love that her grandmother had for her. And I think you’re right… babies still smell like Heaven.. your sweet mama was just getting a little preview of pure joy…

  2. love the feel of this shot!

  3. I love the expression! Pure joy and wonder šŸ™‚

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