Yellow – i heart faces Week 21 Challenge

I had a few pictures in mind this week for this Yellow Challenge but as I started going through the pictures this one stood out to me since we are coming to the end of the school year and the kids are wanting to spend so much more time outside in the sunshine it was just so fitting. Plus, my daughters absolute FAVORITE swimsuit…..yeah, it was yellow, with the navy blue skirt that went with it. She totally wore the thing out last year, but thanks to my sister, she has 2 more super cute swimsuits for this year, and yep you guessed it…..they are both yellow……and blue. So here is my entry into the Yellow Photo Challenge… daughter having some Sprinkler fun…..

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you check out all the other Yellow Challenge entries by clicking on the i heart faces icon below….

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the wonderful comments, they have meant so very much to me!!

Until next time…..


6 responses to “Yellow – i heart faces Week 21 Challenge

  1. What a cute shot. I want that sprinkler!

  2. such a fun photo. love it

  3. what a wonderful capture. i love it!

  4. So precious! She looks so happy!

  5. I think I need a sprinkler like that! Great shot 🙂

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