23rd Annual National Cancer SURVIVORS Day!!!

Wow, I am so, so, LATE getting this up. But I would be totally remiss if I didn’t honor a very SPECIAL lady I know. Someone who is an Amazing BLESSING to me and to so many others in her life and many others lives. GOD does amazing works through this woman and I believe she is a SURVIVOR because she is such a blessing!!

Meet Sandy, she is a Breast Cancer Survivor….

If you want to know more about National Cancer Survivors Day, check out their Home Page. The have information on events and planning plus more on coping and links for help. Lots of great information.

Take a moment and Love on someone you know who is a Cancer Survivor this week. If you know someone who is battling Cancer now, pray an extra blessing each day for them. It is not a fun disease to battle and for those of you who know me, you know that I lost my own mother to Colon Cancer a little more than 7 years ago. For all the healthy individuals out there…..make sure you get screened!! Early detection is the key to survival!! JUST DO IT!!

Take care of yourselves, be blessed…… Until next time…..


One response to “23rd Annual National Cancer SURVIVORS Day!!!

  1. Love my mother in law!

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