All About Babies – I Heart Faces Challenge Week 24

Well, I am a bit later getting my entry up for this weeks challenge. We were supposed to shoot a brand new one week old this morning but the session got canceled. And because I am having a few computer issues…..I went back a bit…. I found this picture, it is the very first time I saw my son….literally it was by a photo. This picture was the first glimpse I saw of my baby boy’s face after he was born. I had an emergency c-section and I was put out for the operation so I didn’t get so see the birth at all. Just a few hours after my operation, a little groggy and sore, I made my way to the NICU to visit my little man. I think I spent more time in the NICU than I did in my own room once I was up on my own. So here is my entry to the Babies Challenge…..

Make sure you check out all the entries to the Challenge by clicking on the icon below….

Thanks for visiting…..and check back soon, the one week old baby shoot is tentatively back on for tomorrow.

Be Blessed…..


One response to “All About Babies – I Heart Faces Challenge Week 24

  1. Wow…what a scary time in your life to have an emergency c-section. Hope everything is going better now in this little guy’s life.

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