Meet Ms. D. – Newborn Photography

Well, we did get to go do the newborn shoot last week. I was super excited about taking pictures of this precious girl. Ms. D. however had a different idea of how this shoot was going to go. She decided to sleep until about 45 minutes before we got there and then get up and was ready to eat. After that she wanted to stay awake for a while, but she wasn’t quite so sure about being a Super Model for us. After about 2 hours of working with her and Mom we had a few good shots and it was time to go and get all of our kids from VBS (Vacation Bible School). So my partner in crime went after all our kids while I stayed and tried to get a few more shots, but now Ms. D was NOT having it. So Mom tried again to feed and she finally fell asleep, now that we had a house full of noisy kiddo’s!! Isn’t that always the case?? But we managed to get some great shots I think….. So Meet Ms. D……

And a BIG, BIG Thank You to Ms. D’s Mom and Grandma for being so helpful, and allowing us to work with Ms. D for so long to get all the pictures. You both are truly a Blessing to us and to so many others!!! Enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping by and….. Be Blessed!!


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