Senior Year – Senior Photography

Well again I have been crazy busy with the start of the new school year and getting my little ones started off right in their year. Before school started though I did a crazy photo shoot with 2 amazing senior girls who were really excited to get their year under way, until the day before school. I think it’s that way for all the kids. Summer is awesome because your time is yours unless you are working. So, one of my two kids is a week into school like these two girls and settling in nicely as I’m sure these two are also. My other will start this coming week, hope that it goes well for him (crossing my fingers).

Anyway, these 2 were totally committed to getting some great outdoor shots with some great lighting because they were both up before dawn so that we could be at the beach as close to sunrise as possible. I ended up spending several hours with them and we were able to spend time at several different locations. It was a great day… So here are a few peeks….

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Until next time……


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