Never Forget….

Well, I had so intended to post this on the anniversary of 9/11, it made it on to my facebook just not here. I seem to forget to come and post here all the time, life just seems to happen (imagine that). A few years back a friend of mine in the digital scrapbooking world made this page up. Her name is Eileen and you can check her blog out at I Came I Saw I Scrapped, she did this page after taking a picture of the lights that replaced the twin towers. I love this page and asked her if I could use it….she obviously agreed….

May We Never Forget

They were looking to bring down a nation when they brought down the towers 9 years ago, they only awakened the mighty
warrior within this nation. We will never forget!! Remembering all who have served and are serving on this day, not only in the military but for our public service agencies. Please God keep them SAFE!!

With that said….I also wanted to post a picture for the new I Heart Faces Challenge, Week 37 is called Vroom, Vroom. This week I am posting a picture of an extrication practice that the fire department did recently. Interestingly enough it was a practice they would put to good use recently when they had 3 calls in 2 days that required significant use of the tools that they had practiced with. Keep in mind this picture is from a PRACTICE night, it was a car that came from the wrecker yard and was to be destroyed.

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5 responses to “Never Forget….

  1. A very photojournalistic “vroom, vroom” shot indeed. Great entry for this week.

  2. What a wonderful shot you have here!!! Tells a story just looking at the image. Great clarity & color. Good luck on your entry.
    ps. thx 4 stoppin by my page & leaving a comment ;).

  3. Great shot! Very moving

  4. Great shot! Love the sky, but the photo is a priceless reminder of those who serve us each day!

  5. love the lighting and the subject is a great reminder of those who train to protect and save!

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