Project 52 – Week 3

Two very different theme’s this week had me thinking a little outside the box. Then, we made plans to head over to a friends for a while and they are rebuilding a Harley Davidson motorcycle that was their dad’s. Soooooo, I thought I would try to get some shots for the first of the 2 themes, although one of the pictures could have worked for the other theme too……but….I wanted to try for something else. Anyway, enough of my rambling…. how about some pictures?

For MCP Project 52….



The theme was Shades of Grey…..


And for Paint the Moon – Let’s Do 52…..



The theme was Abandoned…… and I know what you’re thinking… on earth is this abandoned. You have to know the whole story, this is our 18 year old, 22 pound rescued cat. I rescued him 16 years ago after he had just been left in a cage at one of the local shelters over night. Back then he was scrawny, and scared and every noise made him run for the hills…..or under the couch whichever he got to first. It was so bad that we ended up naming him…….Spook……because he spooked so bad, not because he spooked others. But now….he is abandoned no more, he has the devoted love of a little girl who has grown up loving him for all he is…..all 22 pounds!!

Hope you have enjoyed…


Until next time…..



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