Project 52 – Week 4, Still going….

So it is week 4 and I am still going with the Project 52, and still working on both MCP and Paint The Moon assignments. Today we took Alex and got him signed up for T-ball, so now there will be a whole new opportunity for photo’s…..too exciting!! I think we will be taking Jordan to get her into Karate soon, so the kids will be getting very busy soon. As for me….well, I have been busy being Cookie Mom for Jordan’s Girl Scout Troop. Orders are in for the 1st order set, but we are still taking orders… will all be over in March, just in time for me to start getting ready for Camp!! Well, enough of all of our busy lives…on to the pictures.

MCP Project 52 Theme this week was Soothing Repetition…


These are my FAVORITE blankets, my sister made them for us for Christmas. Simple Knotted Fleece Blankets, but they are so warm and comfortable, and I LOVE the pattern, it’s a repetitive Fleur… both the black and red.


Paint The Moon – Let’s Do 52 had a Theme of Blessings with an alternate of Tiny….



This is my Mother’s Anniversary Wedding Ring. My Father designed this for my mom for their 25th Wedding Anniversary I believe. When my mom died my dad allowed all the girls to go through my mom’s jewelry and divide it up. This was one of the pieces I chose. I guess it can fit under both the tiny theme and the blessings theme because of it’s size and because it is a blessing to me to have such a wonderful memory of my parents marriage and life together before my mom died.

So I am waiting on some pictures from a friend so I can post them here, but I will ask a question that might give you a clue as to the content….

Are you TEXAS PROUD???


Well, I am headed to bed. Have to get the kids up for school in the morning…… So…..


Until next time….



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