Are you Texas Proud??

About a week ago I ended one of my posts with that same question…..Are you Texas Proud?? Well, I can say that I most definitely am!! Sooo, how do I display this?? Well, a good friend has designed some t-shirts to show it off if you are Texas Proud…..check them out…..



Each is shown with Front and Back side by side. Currently they are available only in black, but HOPEFULLY we will be able to convince him to produce them in a few other colors soon. If you are interested in obtaining one of these shirts to show off your Pride, you can go to his website.

Once you get to the site just click on Texas Proud Merchandise and  there you have it!! He also would like to sell some other items if there is interest so if you have interest in a particular item being made please contact him on his contact page. You can also Follow Passenger Graphics on Facebook and make contact that way.

So go on now…..go get your Texas Proud Shirts…..and show off that Texas PRIDE!!!!


Until Next Time….



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