Project 52 – Week 6

Wow, I almost missed a week!! It’s been a hectic week here with record low temperatures again and we are having to make some repairs to our Master Bathroom…..Ton’s – O – Fun let me tell you. Although not difficult it is tedious work. So on to photo’s….my son was my focus this week, he started T-ball this week also so it went along with one of the Theme’s….


My son is in this group of kids with the Coach at their first practice. The Theme for Paint The Moon Let’s Do 52 this week was Obsession which I thought fit perfectly as this has become a true obsession for him. If he doesn’t get to practice he wants to play a game, if he doesn’t get to do either…..Well…..there is a major breakdown…..what do you expect from a 4 year old??


Here is the photo I have for MCP Project 52…


The Theme for MCP Project 52 was Words……I just Love that my son hijacked this stocking cap from my husband and loves to wear it all around. It certainly gets lots of looks….believe me, my son is NO weight lifter…..though he likes to act like one sometimes.


So don’t forget to go and check out the Texas Proud T-shirts…..see my post below and visit the link to get more information!!


Until next time….


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