Project 52 – Week 8 a little late

Posting just a little late this week. It has been a super busy week for us and although I had my pictures taken, I just couldn’t get them uploaded before Friday night. It’s all good though since both MCP and Paint the Moon give you until Sunday to catch up on your uploads……thank goodness!!

This week the photo I took for MCP Project 52……


The theme was The View from Here…

This was the view from my back porch last Friday morning as the fog was lifting and the sun was coming up. The trees haven’t quite recovered from our recent week of freezing weather and now are having to adjust to highs near the 80’s. Wild weather it has been!! But we are LOVING the warmer weather…..being able to wear shorts again and I’m in heaven!!


This weeks photo I took for Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52…..


The theme was Strength, with an alternate theme of Green….

One of the things that we have learned putting our son in Tee Ball is that having patience is what Strength is all about, and our coach is the epitome of Strength when it comes to patience. Getting 12 four and five year olds to work together on the baseball field is an awesome accomplishment . Our Astro’s had opening day today and won their very first game. Awesome Job guys!! The best part is that it’s teaching my husband and I both to have more patience with both our kids, sometimes hard to do with a child as high strung as Alex can be at times but we are working on it.


So now it’s on to the next week and  a new week of challenges!! Looking forward to meeting them head on!!


Until next time…


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