Project 52 – Week 9

Wow, already at week 9!! The last few weeks have been crazy busy for me, and things are about to get busier. But I am lovin’ every minute of it as long as I can continue to stay healthy all will be good!! Looking forward to going out to Mardi Gras in Galveston this weekend, hopefully I will have some photo’s to share with you of that event, then we will be going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in about a week….Woot Woot!! Super excited to go back and see all there is there since we missed our chance last year. After that Girl Scout Cookie Sales will be ending so our troop will be gathering all the donations we got to send to Service Members in Iraq and Afghanistan and putting our packages together to send (with cookies) to the men and women serving.

Ok, so you came to see photo’s…..

The theme for MCP Project 52 was Express Yourself, here is the photo I took…..



The story behind the photo….

My husband had been attempting to get DS to try the “Cry Baby” gum for several days. After some coaxing I finally got him to try it, he sucked on it like it was a jaw breaker and claimed it was “really good”, at which point I told him it was gum and he should chew it. Next came a series of faces, this was one of the best I caught on camera, followed by him throwing his hands to his face and then running to the trash can and promptly spitting the gum out. Don’t think we will be able to pull that ever again, but it made for some great photo’s!!

Pretty great Expression on his face…..even if it was caused by a Sour Gum.


The theme for Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 was Play, here is the photo I took…..


The story behind the photo…

This past weekend was opening weekend for our little league so we started with a parade, opening ceremonies, followed by a ceremonial opening pitch and the announcement “Play Ball” which was all our little ones needed to hear. They wanted so badly to play a game, even though they weren’t really ready. We managed to pull out the big W though, winning 18 to 15. Such a great day!!

You will probably notice many more Tee Ball photo’s make it into my Project 52 groups, since Tee Ball season is upon us I have a great chance of getting photo’s of all the boys in action. Most of the time you will see my DS and husband and possibly the coaches and sometimes the backs of other kids unless I have permission from the parents to show their kids here. I hope that it will be a great season and I hope that I am going to have lots more photo’s to show….not just Project 52 shots.

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Until next time…..



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