Project 52 – Week 11

Hello again, it’s week 11!! I am still working on taking my 2 themed pictures a week. Things have settled a little bit, only for this week since it’s Spring Break!! We have made a couple of local trips but no big trips this year. Last year DH and I spent Spring Break in Vegas!! What a blast that was! I may have to dig up a few older photo’s and revisit that!!

Ok so this week for Project 52….

MCP Project 52 the theme was Darks and Lights….. and the photo I took….

The story behind the photo……

I know there are going to be some who have issues with the subject of this photo, but for the wife of a police officer we live daily with what these are and can do. I Love the shadows and lights that are cast by the lead and aluminum in the photo. I hope that I don’t ever have to deal with the negative end of what “could” happen. We pray every day for safety for all officers and I know that almost every day there is a family of a police officer in mourning.

Check out Officer DownMemorial Page to see the latest statistics for the nation and your state, you might just be  many there are!


The theme for Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 was Power….and the photo I took….

The story behind the photo….

This photo was taken COMPLETELY safely, my DH is a police office and agreed to do this photo for me with an unloaded weapon. It is interesting to be on that end of the gun though, loaded or not 🙂 Good thing I trust him with my Life!! I wish though that our justice system was better at putting and keeping the criminals behind bars, I guess that means job safety for DH!!


The two theme’s ended up being fairly similar in the end for me…..sometimes it happens that way. Hope you enjoyed.

Until next time….


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