Project 52 – Week 12

It’s hard to believe that a quarter of the year has gone by already!! Spring is already here with warmer weather, pretty soon Summer is going to be on us and we will be on to our over 100 degree weather and camp will be upon us!! I can’t wait!! But until then I am going to continue with the 2 Project 52 challenges that I have taken on.


This week the theme for MCP Project 52 was From the Jewelry Box, this is the photo I took….


The story behind the photo…..

This is one of my mother’s prized pieces of turquoise she had several pieces. When my Mom died all of the daughters were allowed to choose from pieces in her jewelry box. This was one of the pieces I chose to keep because I have such vivid memories of my mom wearing this. I hope one day to be able to pass the memories and the pieces on to my kids.


The  theme this week for Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 was Handwritten or Blur, this is the photo I took for it…..

The story behind the photo….

This photo was taken while our local Fire Department was training in putting out car fires. In this particular photo one of the instructors is teaching one of the rookie firefighters how to use the K12 Saw to cut a hole in the hood of a car. I’m so thankful I get these opportunities with our fire department!!


Looking forward to next week’s theme’s, and I am working on photo’s from a Family Reunion I hope to have a few sneak peaks up soon. Don’t forget to go and get your Texas Proud Merchandise by clicking on the Passenger Graphics icon in the sidebar on the right of the page.

Until next time….


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