Project 52 – Week 13

I am late getting my blog post up about my Week 13 photographs, it has been a busy weekend of T-ball, photo editing and Church for me. Although I am loving being so busy, my body is telling me I should have been better prepared for all of this!! I have been fighting off a cough for about 4 and a half weeks now and not loving that!! And my allergies are NOT helping!! Anyway so on to the week 13 photos….


For MCP Project 52 the theme was Just for Fun…..and the photo I chose…..

The story behind the photo…

Last Friday as I was editing a large number of photos from a Family Reunion Shoot my DS decided that what he wanted to do “just for fun” was to watch movies, just so he could be near me as I was stuck inside. Sometimes he can be such a sweetheart, sometimes he can be such a stinker….that day he was just TOO Sweet!!!


For Paint The Moon – Let’s Do 52 the theme was Connect or Tools, the photo I chose for that challenge was this one….


The story behind the photo….

Last week I was taking photo’s at our church as we had Will McFarlane as a guest speaker during our service and I got this great photo of one of the long standing married couples in the church. They have an amazing relationship and I’m blessed to be able to call them friends!!


So my next task is to choose some photo’s for a competition, looking forward to entering that, will let you know how that goes. Oh and I will be taking some photo’s for an up coming calendar for a friend of mine. Really excited to see where that takes us!!

Until next time….


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