Project 52 – Week 14

Ok, so late last week and early this week…lol. I had a little bit of extra time today, shocker I know so I wanted to get these us before my weekend got away from me. We have a VERY busy one with T-ball and 2 birthday parties and a dinner meeting with some friends. I also have to look at getting things set up for DS’s birthday party….he’s soooo looking forward to it!!

Well on to the photo’s, this week the photo’s for both Project 52 Challenges came from the same source…..

The theme for MCP Project 52 was fusion, here is the photo I chose….

The story behind the photo…

This week I had the opportunity to take photo’s for a training session for one of our local Fire Academy’s as they got their hands on some of the equipment that is used to take people out of wrecked cars. One of those tools is the K12 which is similar to a circular saw that they can put different blades on depending on the need. This tool is also used in fires on doors and roofs so it is a multi-purpose tool….a Fusion of uses.


The theme for Paint the Moon – Let’s Do 52 was Chaos, here is the photo I chose….

The story behind the photo…..

Same training session….They were learning the many ways to break out glass on a car….this is the halligan bar…..Chaos indeed!!

Thanks for dropping by once again, don’t forget to drop me a note to let me know if you have been here. I would love to return the visit to your blog!!

Until next time….


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