Project 52 – Week 17 and Week 18

It’s  another 2 week photo blog post for me, it’s been another busy week between church, t-ball and the fire department happenings, well I have been kept really busy. The whole family has been kept busy!! Plus we celebrated my DS’s 5th birthday in there also so we had a birthday party in there also. So enough excuses, here are the photo’s you came here to check out….

For week 17, MCP Project 52 the theme was Princess for a day celebrating the wedding of the royal couple. Just so happens that my DH’s and my wedding anniversary was the same week, along with DS’s birthday. Anyway, here is the photo I chose for this theme….

The story behind the photo…..

I caught my daughter and her little brother out on the trampoline just chatting away, only my daughter ever the Princess she is got her little brother to be her pillow while they talked. He was only too happy to do it for her, for now as he will be romping on her later I’m sure!!!

The theme for Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 was motion, this was the photo I chose for this theme….

The story behind the photo….

Both of my kids just love our trampoline, it’s small and only 2 foot off the ground and has been through a hurricane and it looks like it. Their favorite move right now is this spin move in the air. Guess we need to invest in a new, and bigger trampoline if they are going to continue all this.

And for week 18…. the theme for MCP Project 52 was First thing in the morning….and the photo I chose for this theme was….

The story behind this photo….

Our mornings normally do not consist of this activity, but this week after an unusual temperature drop a few days ago our little man didn’t fair so well and we had to start nebulizer treatments. We have been doing this every 4 hours for the last several days, including first thing every morning…..fortunately he is doing much better now and is headed back to school today….Woo Hoo!!!

The theme for Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 was story, the photo I chose for this theme was…..

And the story behind this photo….

This is the story of his Aunt’s life. She is his personal human jungle gym when she is here to visit. And when she goes home she has all the bruises to prove it. The bonus is that he is so worn out at the end of the day that there are no fights about going to bed…..LOVE That!!!

I am hoping that I can get back to blogging once a week like I had been, but I’m not going to promise anything quite yet until I figure out how all the summertime activities are going to run…..we are going to be EXTREMELY busy this summer!!

Check out part of what we did last summer…..and we are getting signed up again this summer!!

Get your child into summer camp…..they will have a BLAST!!!

Until next time…..


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