Project 52 – Week 19

Well, I had a bit of free time tonight……shocker I know, so I wanted to go ahead a post the new photo’s from my Project 52 challenges and a photo I submitted to the Pioneer Woman Photography group on Flickr also. It’s been an active week taking pictures for me. The last regular game of the T-ball season is tomorrow and after that we have play-off’s all week next week. This may make for a difficult week for me to keep up with the Project 52 challenges but I’m going to do my best!!

So going to start off with the photo I submitted to the Pioneer Woman Photography Group on Flickr. She occasionally asks readers to submit photo’s from a particular category then chooses her favorites during the week….from those favorites she picks a winner who usually gets a great prize. I haven’t ever been chosen, but there are plenty of AMAZING photographers that submit their work. The theme is action for this one….and if I get a chance I may submit another we will have to see. Here is the photo I chose….

The story behind the photo….

Our Astro’s player attempting to tag out the Orioles player at our last game. It ended in a 30-30 tie game. This particular player on our team is an amazing player for his age!! He has incredible knowledge of the game, and SPEED, plus he can hit the ball. Can’t wait to see what this one can do when he makes it to upper level ball!!

The theme for MCP Project 52 this week was Window Light…..and the photo I chose….

The story behind the photo…

This is the Mother’s Day Rose I got at Church on Mother’s Day. All the Mother’s at Church received one. I am blessed to be a part of such an awesome church, and I am proud to be one of the Mother’s of all the church children…including my own!!

The theme for Paint the Moon – Let’s Do 52 was Slice of Everyday Life, and the photo I chose…..

The story behind the photo…..

Well, the biggest slice of our every day life has been the lack of this precious wet stuff. And with many in the mid-west having an over abundance of it seems there can’t just be some balance made here. So we went 58 days without a drop of rain in our area, now we have had 2 days with rain but only got about 1.5 inches and we are back to being DRY!!! The last our news said we had as much rain as the Sahara Desert. So I post that finally we got some much needed rain in our everyday life….at least for a few days.

Looking forward to what the next week has to bring. School is out in 3 weeks so lots to do with the kiddo’s then. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my photo’s, leave me a comment if you’d like me to come by your blog and visit you!!

Until next time….


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