Apologies…..Some news

Well, it appears that I will be playing catch up with my project 52 challenge. I was trying very hard to keep up with each week through the year and I knew that going into the summer it was probably going to be a bit difficult. Never did I imagine the events that would transpire over the last week. My life has been shaken up and all during a time that I was having to keep my wits and a smile on my face because I was working with childeren. The last thing I ever would want to do is to project my feelings onto kids who are somewhere to have fun. I was so excited to be starting camp and to be working camp this summer, and this past week my daughters Girl Scout Troop took a trip to go camping and to Sea World so it was a jam packed week for me to start.

We had a good start to the day on Monday, then about 10:30 in the morning a close friend of mine gave me some news that I was really NOT expecting. Our friend since Kindergarten had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest the night before, the doctors and nurses had been able to bring her back but she was in the ICU in VERY, VERY critical condition at the time. I was just stunned and my first reaction was that I wanted to get on a plane and go to where she was, but I needed to stay and be at the camp for the kids. I called a few people and asked for her to be placed on a few prayer chains. I finished out my 3 days in camp and packed for the Girl Scout camping trip keeping and ever watchful eye on every update that came on my friend. I also called my other close friend and asked that she keep me updated while I was camping with the Girl Scouts. I was hopeful that she would be a Miracle to everyone and just wake up. We took the Girls to Sea World and they had and AMAZING experience there which I will have to write about another time as I have plenty of photo’s to share of that. It was and extremely HOT day, 105 degrees at the heat of the day, so when we got back to camp the girls decided they wanted to swim.  The water was wonderful, at least for the time I got to spend in it…..I received a call from another friend informing me that they had gotten the report back from the neurologist and there was no brain activity, her husband made the agonizing decision to remove the life sustaining measures. My long time friend died in the arms of her loving husband as he kissed her good-bye…..for now. My friend had the most AMAZING soul and she was a blessing to everyone she came in contact with. I look forward to see how her son’s show the pieces of their mother because she is a part of who they are. So I apoligize for missing a few weeks of project 52, but I leave you with a photo of my friend….my favorite photo right now of her. Please say a prayer for her family and all those around them.




I hope to be back at it very soon…..so…..

Until next time…….



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