4th of July……Fireworks and stuff

4th of July for us for the last 10 years has always been a day that my DH has had to work as the city he works for has had the longest running 4th of July Parade in the State. The parade used to be bigger than it is today, some people even go out the night before to set up their places to watch the parade even setting up canopys to mark their areas. Can’t believe how serious some people can be about it. We used to go out and watch the parade when the kids were a bit younger…..yeah they are still young, but as crazy as people are right now my DH said that we would have to get there at least an hour and a half before the parade to get a spot where the kids could see. So I’m not that big of a fanatic to make my kids wait that long for a parade. We did however go out to sit with DH at the shuttle parking area to “tailgate” and watch the fireworks show put on by the city. I was hoping to be a bit closer to try and get some true “maual” photo’s as the last few times I have tried to take fireworks photo’s I was letting my DSLR make at least some of the adjustments. I was excited to finally see how well my new Tamron 28-300 lens would work. I was quite impressed with the lens….and have been as long as I have been using it. It has a little bit of jerky movement as it initially does the fine focus but once it gets there….wow, it pretty much stays on it. The best part was being able to spend time with the kids and DH, and of course our friends who came out with us. So, I know you came to check out the photo’s so here you go……


Yummy Cupcake!!


He wanted to make sure I knew this was a farm with all the animals.


Sidewalk Chalk…..


A Princess makes her own Castle…..


Almost time……






And a quick and VERY BIG Congratualtions to our friends who had their daughter on Friday July 8th. My prayers go out to this precious new family as they start this new and wonderous journey together. We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


Thanks for stopping by….

Until Next Time…..


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