Project 52 ….MCP Week 31, PTM Week 30

So I’m not really sure how in the weeks that I was not participating that the two got off on their weeks…..but they are a week off of each other now. So this week on MCP the theme was Sky, I went out on Saturday after we had a good thunderstorm that morning starting the morning with my DS crawling in my bed and  the dog acting like the house was going to fall apart….lol. Anyway, as I took photos of the now white clouds moving through the sky I tried to notice shapes, colors or anything that might jump out. I happened to see a flock of birds that got spooked by something and flew out across the  clouds and blue sky and started taking more photos as they flew across……and then this…..


I looked over to see what looked like a heart formed in the clouds. Kinda lopsided like a childs drawn heart, still beautiful and for me… sign that my recently passed best friend is looking out for me….and has seen my Mom. Thanks Lori!! As a very good friend said to me after seeing this photo and a photo her cousin just took days ahead of this one….she said “I think God is trying to tell us something”.

Paint the Moon – Let’s Do 52 is a week behing at week 30 though I’m not sure why…anyway, the theme for this week is Letting go of Perfect….or Lines. My photo was taken this morning after I stepped out to let the dog out……

I was quite surprised to notice all the Lines in my back yard….this photo of two of our windows with the storm shutters open to let the light in (no storms anywhere close), our fence and the side of the neighbors house. I have been so amazed how this project has opened my eyes to right in front of me!!

I am in the process of getting my website moved to a new host and up and working again….with a new look. I hope to have that going soon, once I do I will let you know so you can check it out and let me know what you think.

Until next time……


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