Project 52 and Friday Night Fireworks!!!

Working on trying to stay up to date on project 52 again. I think that Paint the Moon changes over mid week now instead of at the weekend so that may be why the weeks are off. So again the  weeks are off on my project 52. For MCP Project 52 it is week 32 and the theme was Favorite time of the Day.

The story behind the photo:

My favorite time of day is anytime this is happening in my house. When this one slows down enough to finally sleep and I have a bit of time to myself (and time to get my own work done). Usually it only happens in the evening at the normal bedtime but ocassionally I get a surprise and he takes a nap in the middle of the day, those days I make sure I take a nap myself….so as not to get too worn out myself….lol.

The theme for Paint the Moon – Let’s Do 52 was Bravery or Neighbors.

The story behind the photo…

After the events of this past weekend in Afganistan and this weeks theme I have been thinking about who I think is Brave.  For me as the wife of a Police Officer/Firefighter/Paramedic I really don’t have to look far to see many who will lay their lives down daily for the safety of each of ours if need be, and I find myself in awe of the family’s who make the sacrifice to send their family members overseas to fight for our Nation. So many faces and divisions that epitomize what Bravery is, so this photo is for ALL those who put their lives on the line daily. I wish I had the ability to take photo’s of them all!!

So as for the Friday Night Fireworks….we were given tickets several months ago to go see an Astros game. Now we are pretty much die hard Astros fans, even though they are in last place, we are ready for the year to end and for the rebuilding to start!! Irregardless, we love to go and watch some baseball, and even better when it’s on Friday night when they have Friday Night Fireworkd after the game… music……AWESOME!!!

Some pic’s from the game…..

During batting practice…..waiting on a homerun ball to the Crawford Boxes where our seats were.

FoxSports Houston SportsCasters getting ready to go on the air…..right next to where we were sitting.

Bases loaded……



The fireworks were AWESOME…..and the music was really fun, though I didn’t recognize some of the songs.

It’s been a great week…..only a week and a half left until school starts. Looking forward to finding out who will be teaching my kiddo’s for the year!


Until next time……



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