Fall Ball and Girl Scouts….oh my

Well, our Girl Scout troop met through the summer but we are gearing up to full time now and meeting every week. Our girls transitioned from Brownies last year to Juniors this year and we want to get so much more done. Over the summer we made a trip to Sea World which the girls paid for with the proceeds they made with their cookie sales. It was pretty cool, we stayed at a KOA camp and they got to have their first “camping” experience together in cabins. While at Sea World they ended up getting a private experience with the dolphins which was AWESOME!! Here is all the girls with one of the dolphins (along with a few other people who were making the most of our experience)….


They also got to push the dolphin back into the pool area. The girls really enjoyed this experience, they also loved Shamoo, and the Sea Lion Show. We had a few girls that rode one of the roller coaster rides, and we got around to a few of the other rides. We also did a few educational experiences to round everything out. The greatest thing about this trip is that along with a few other little tasks after we got back, the girls will get a patch from this trip for their Junior Vests.

Fall Ball started two weeks ago, with our first game being last week. I can’t tell you if we won or lost, I’m not sure if anyone knows or kept score. Fall Ball around here is about developing mechanics and techniques, but they do get to play games every week. So of course I had to take some pic’s of my little super-star as he played 1st base for the first time. He also got a turn at the pitchers mound but since it’s t-ball….well, you know. He’s having a blast wherever he plays just as long as he gets to play.

First tag-out….

At the pitchers mound…..

His first in the park home run…..no really!! The ball went over the infield then rolled to the fence. The other team actually did get the ball all the way back to home plate but none of the other players picked it up and tagged my boy as he crossed home plate…..HOME RUN!!

Good Game……Good Game!!

Next game is tomorrow, so more photo’s to take tomorrow. I guess I have failed at my Project 52 Challenges. Hopefully I can get back into those soon…..if I can locate more time in the day…..

Until next time….


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