WOW….Has it really been almost 3 months??

I came back to my blog and I was shocked to discover that WOW, it really has been almost 3 whole months since I have posted anything here. I’m at total slacker, at least I feel like one when it comes to this blog. Now my life….now that is a total different story. I have been one BUSY Mamma, and most of it has NOT been taking photo’s recently. Between Church, Girls Scouts and trying to maintain some king of a normal family life around illness and kids and their school and school activities I feel like I just haven’t had much time at all.

I will share some of what I’ve taken over the last 3 months…….

The three above from a vehicle accident and fire.

And the four above from when hubby and friends ran the Tough Mudder Central Texas in October. Over 12 miles and 28 obsticles and they finished in 3 hours and 30 minutes……SO PROUD of them!!!

So as Christmas approaches we are getting ready for all the festivities. We have the tree up and half decorated, lights are on it and some of the ornimates….the kids still have to put the rest of them on. Presents are starting to be placed under the tree, and we are getting ready for the kids school break which means school parties and adult parties all around. So there will be a SUPER BUSY few weeks ahead of us. I hope NOT to neglect the blog as I had…..SO HOPING to have the drive to get back to it.

Until next time………


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