About Me

My name is Leigh and I am the “mamarazzi” behind the camera at Texas Blue Steel Photography. I am married to my best friend and LOVE of my life, he is my rock!  I have 2 wonderful children, my amazing creative daughter Jordan and my wild child son Alex. I am a born again Christian Woman and saved by the Grace of God daily, sometimes more.

Coming from a very artistic family I have loved art and photography from a very young age. After my son was born my husband bought me my first SLR camera and I have been the “mammarazzi” ever since. My family often complains there are not enough pictures with me in them because I am behind the lens so much. I have a passion for photography and capturing moments in time. My greatest joy is in capturing the candid moments in life, the sweet looks between lovers or the playful antics between siblings, a baby’s yawn or even something as dramatic as a house fire. It is my wish to give you those moments in time that tell the stories of life in photo’s, the ones  you pass on for generations.

God has blessed us so that we may bless others, Life is so amazing!!


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