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No More Braces!!

It’s been a while since my baby girl got her braces off…. I neglected to post a photo of her BEAUTIFUL new braceless smile!! I have been a bit busy, having had 2 trips postponed already, I am hoping I can get this trip out of the way this next time….a couple more weeks and I should know. If not it will be another couple months before I can get back out there…..so this had better be it!! This isn’t the best photo I have…it was taken from my hubby’s iPhone, while driving down the road, after we had gotten in the truck from near 60mph winds, hence her hair having that wonderful windblown look…..LOL. She is BEAUTIFUL anyway!! LOVE HER!! She had decided just about 2 weeks ahead of getting her braces off that she wanted to get about 8 inches of her hair cut off….so she had the short hair too, which is super cute!

We were quite surprised when the Orthodontist told us that there is a possibility that she may not have to wear braces again if she continues to wear the retainer at night and the adult teeth that come in from here on can be directed into the right places. We will have to wait and see…..lots of time between now and then. So much has changed between when I had them and now. Kids have it so much better now…..and our parents would have said the same thing!!

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