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I Heart Faces – Beautiful Black & White

It has been a VERY long time since I entered a photo in the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge, but I felt moved to do so as I LOVE black and white Photo’s. I took this photo at a recent shoot to document her daughters 6 month milestone mark. When I did her 3 month photo’s she was NOT feeling the paparrazzi, this time however, she was showing her DIVA side. I LOVE this photo for the interaction between Mom and daugher…….

Such Beautiful Kisses!!


Photo Challenge Submission

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Over her Head – iheartfaces Week 29 Challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve posted for an iheartfaces challenge, I have been a bit busy and I have had my computer in the shop once already and they still haven’t been able to fix the problem. But…….things are looking up, the part is on order and as soon as it is in looks like it will be a one day fix….Woo Hoo!!! So on to the challenge, this particular photo comes from an archive file of mine from when my daughter was just about a year old and my very first fur baby was still with me. He has since died, he was a very old man indeed but was very loved. My daughter at the age of exploring everything here but as you will see….Ninook my fur baby got Over her Head and decided to “explore” my daughter…..or at least the little pony tail on the top of her head that looked like it might be a toy to play with. Even in his old age he still loved to play. Here is my entry for the Over my Head Challenge….

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All About Babies – I Heart Faces Challenge Week 24

Well, I am a bit later getting my entry up for this weeks challenge. We were supposed to shoot a brand new one week old this morning but the session got canceled. And because I am having a few computer issues…..I went back a bit…. I found this picture, it is the very first time I saw my son….literally it was by a photo. This picture was the first glimpse I saw of my baby boy’s face after he was born. I had an emergency c-section and I was put out for the operation so I didn’t get so see the birth at all. Just a few hours after my operation, a little groggy and sore, I made my way to the NICU to visit my little man. I think I spent more time in the NICU than I did in my own room once I was up on my own. So here is my entry to the Babies Challenge…..

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Play! – I Heart Faces Week 23 Challenge

Having 2 kids I wasn’t at a lack of photo’s for this week’s challenge, my difficulty was choosing which one to use. This photo is the culmination of what we decided to do on a hot August day while we were at Grammie’s house visiting. We didn’t bring swim suits for the kids to use in the kiddie pool that they had…..sooooooo…….we decided to go red neck style and let the kids play in the water in their clothes. They had a blast, and well, so did Grammie….LOL.

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Barefoot – i heart faces week 22 and Soles 4 Souls

This week I Heart Faces is all about the feet as they are trying to help bring some recognition to an amazing charity….. Click the link below to check them out…. Soles 4 Souls brings shoes to those in need. Simple concept to those of us who CHOOSE to go barefoot when we do….but what if you didn’t have the choice??? What if you lost it all?? What if?? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who would just come and say….”Here, you need this pair of shoes.” A simple pair of shoes seems like so little, but how it can lead to so much…..so check out Soles 4 Souls…..

And now I can tell  you about my photos for the week, since we are allowed to post more than one photo I’ll post a few. These are of my son who almost NEVER wants to put on shoes when he goes into the back yard to play. When I went out to take pictures of him these days he didn’t disappoint me….there he was….again, shoeless and running around in the grass, on the swing set and on the trampoline, even climbing the poles for the safety net for the trampoline which has been ripped down from all the use. We now know we need a different kind of net to keep my kiddos in!! Anyway…enjoy my “Barefoot” pictures…..

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Yellow – i heart faces Week 21 Challenge

I had a few pictures in mind this week for this Yellow Challenge but as I started going through the pictures this one stood out to me since we are coming to the end of the school year and the kids are wanting to spend so much more time outside in the sunshine it was just so fitting. Plus, my daughters absolute FAVORITE swimsuit…..yeah, it was yellow, with the navy blue skirt that went with it. She totally wore the thing out last year, but thanks to my sister, she has 2 more super cute swimsuits for this year, and yep you guessed it…..they are both yellow……and blue. So here is my entry into the Yellow Photo Challenge…..my daughter having some Sprinkler fun…..

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Faces and Flowers – i heart faces week 20

So, it’s another week for i heart faces photo challenge and this week like last when I had looked ahead at the schedule I knew immediately which photo I would use. This photo I took just a little over a month ago as photographs in the Texas Bluebonnets are really a Texas Tradition, unfortunately the kids don’t love this tradition near as much as the adults, and they are not fans of the bees that love to pollinate….LOL. I did manage to get a few good pictures though….. Here’s my faces and flowers entry….

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