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Amber – Senior 2012

This is a girl who has her head on straight!! She only goes to school part of the day because she finished all her courses needed to graduate, and instead of spending the extra time goofing off she went out and got a job to help pay for college!! WOW!! Mom and Dad have done lots right with this one. She is planning on going to college, BUT…….she wants to be a model too and I think she could do it. What a great time I had with Amber as we went to the Railroad Museum and then walked the Historical District, we even got a good chuckle when she got spooked by a dog and it’s owner leaving the building where we were using the door and entry way as a backdrop. I had a hard time just choosing a few to show here…..this girl doesn’t really take a  bad photo!!




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Fun Lovin’ Seniors – Sneak Peek

Had an awesome shoot with my partner and two fun lovin’ senior girls from our church. I had lots of fun as these two went from smiles to serious on cue, they were AWESOME and  both total model potential as far as I’m concerned. Looking forward to seeing what these two will accomplish as they move forward. Meet Ms M. and Ms. G…….

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